Day Trips

Ulaanbaatar City Tour – A guided tour around the best sights of one of the most unique cities on earth. See soviet memorials, Buddhist temples and sample Mongolian cuisine! …. more

Traditional Song and Dance Evening – Treat yourself to a show! A huge part of Mongolian culture revolves around music. In this tour you will experience dances from around the country and music including the famous throat singing all performed in beautiful traditional costumes…more

Ger District Tour – See life on the other side. Have a resident of the ‘ger district’ or ‘slums’ of Ulaanbaatar show you their home and what it is like to live as a real Mongolian….more

Chinggis Khan Statue and Terelj National Park – Visit one of the most beautiful sights in Mongolia, visit a nomad family and ride a Mongolian horse…more

Khustain National Park – Spend a day to seek out the elusive Takhi wild horses of Mongolia in the beautiful and wild Khustain National Park…more

Manzushir Monastery – A mountainous adventure for the hiking or historical enthusiasts, or those who want a quick trip away from the tourist trail…more

Naadam National Festival join the locals and watch archery, wrestling and horse racing in the Mongolian National Festival (11th July only) … more

Dog Sledding …more

….or try one of our overnight adventures