Travel Safe

Fire – 101, Police – 102, Ambulance – 103, Emergency – 105

Safety tips for Mongolia and travelling in general

♦ Always keep valuables on you or leave them in a locker in the guesthouseluggage_lock

♦ Don’t carry large sums of money

♦ Avoid going out on foot alone at night. Foreigners stand out and can be targeted because of their comparative wealth

♦ Be aware of pickpockets in the city, Ulaanbaatar is like any big city. Narantuul (The Black Market), the train station and busy bus-stops and crowded places are areas to be most wary.

 If travelling by yourself in the countryside always make sure someone knows where you are going

 Be wary of dogs. Most dogs are not tame in Mongolia and may run in packs. Do not try to pet them! If worried about a dog showing interest in you, copy the locals and carry a rock or stone to discourage it from following you.

The Ulaanbaatar City Tourism Board gives some common sense precautions to keep in mind:

  • Please be alert by protecting your documents and valuable items while travelling via public transport or in public places
  • It is recommended to use locker services for large amounts of cash and other items considered to be valuable
  • Be vigilant of strangers, please do not respond to offers made by people whom you don’t know
  • Avoid travelling during the late night hours, especially if in unfamiliar locations