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About Mongolia

Mongolia has a population of around 3 million and is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. The capital city, Ulaanbaatar, is a metropolitan hub and most connections for travelling to the countryside will be from here. The countryside is vast and varied, with a myriad of stunning scenes and adventures to be had. With desert in the south, forests in the north, steppe and plains in the centre and mountain ranges and volcanic plains to the west, Mongolia has a lot to offer.

The weather is another of Mongolia’s charms. With almost constant blue skies, even in winter, there are always beautiful panoramic sunny views. From June to September the temperature are warm and the sun shines almost every day. In winter temperature drop dramatically and can fall to -40 degreesC.

Mongolian people are some of the warmest and welcoming you will meet. With traditions of an open door and curious natures you will always be welcome in any families home. Don’t be surprised if you are invited home for some traditional Mongolian food!

Visa information

Almost all nationalities are required to obtain a visa before entering Mongolia. American citizens are exempt and do not need a tourist visa for 90 days. Please check at your local Mongolian Embassy or consulate for the requirements.

If you plan to stay in Mongolia for over 30 days you will need to register at Mongolian immigration on arrival. Please ask us for more information.

Ways to get to Mongolia

Mongolia is a landlocked country, so there are three ways to enter. Via flight, road or train.

Flight: Air China, Aeroflot, MIAT (Mongolian Airlines) and Turkish Airlines fly to Chinggis Khaan International Airport in Mongolia. The airport is about 20km outside of Ulaanbaatar. We can arrange a driver to collect you from the airport.

Train: The trans-mongolian and trans-siberian rail-line runs through Mongolia. You can catch the trans-siberian train from either Beijing or Moscow (or any of the stops inbetween).

Road: Beware if you plan to enter Mongolia by road! The road infrastructure is still very poor in certain areas of Mongolia. We recommend you speak to someone who has done this journey before planning your adventure. It is possible to take a bus from the Chinese boarder into Mongolia. However it is not easy and requires a lot of persistence. Not for the faint of heart!

When to come

The best time to come is from May to September. These are the warmer months when all tourist activities will be in operation. However, if you can brave the cold we recommend a trip during Tsagaan Sar, the Mongolian Lunar New Year in February/March.

What to bring

You can find most items you will need in Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar.

Important Information

The Guest House is a NO SMOKING zone:

According to Mongolian law, you are not allowed to smoke in public areas such as around the guest house within 500 meters. If you do so, you have to pay a fine of 50 USD and the guesthouse should pay 500 USD to the tax office. We will charge both to you.

A note on currency:

Although all our prices are set in USD$, we will ask you to pay in Mongolian currency, tugrik (MNT). This is in accordance with a new Mongolian law where all transactions must be completed in the local currency. The exchange rate the guest house uses is 1750 MNT to 1 USD. You can change money at any bank, at the airport or at any currency exchange service. We recommend using the service in the State Department Store or the Flower Centre (2nd floor).