Chinggis Khan Complex and Terelj National Park

statue and terelj

The Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue is a 40m tall steel statue of Chinggis Khan riding his horse. It is located on the back of the Tuul river where according to legend he found a horse whip. The statue is symbolically pointing east towards to his birthplace. There is a visitors centre and excellent bronze age and 13th century museum which is definitely worth the visit. There is also a cozy restaurant and panoramic views of the Mongolian steppe and mountains from the top of the statue.

Terelj National Park is located in one of the most stunningly beautiful natural hotspots of Mongolia. There are spectacular valleys, rivers and forests only an hour’s drive from Ulaanbaatar. Visitors can view fascinating rock formations including the famous “turtle rock” against a backdrop of pine-covered mountains and wander along the wooded banks of mountain streams. Guests can stay overnight in a snug Mongolian Ger (yurt) and be taxied along the river bank on the back of a yak cart. It is an ideal place for taking a trip on horseback along the Tuul River or the valley and visiting a local nomadic family to try local delicacies.

Available: May – October (winter tours are possible but will not follow this itinerary. Please contact us directly for details)

Day TripOvernight tour

Terelj national park

Day Trip

10.00am  Leave the guesthouse
11.30am Visit the Chinggis Khan Equestrian monument
12.00pm Drive to Terelj national park
14.30pm Lunch at the family (Local family run small camp at Terelj)
15.30pm Visit Turtle rock
16.00pm Visit Ariyabal meditation temple and an hour horse riding
17.30pm Drive to back Ulaanbaatar and the guesthouse


Included: Excursion as per itinerary, entrance fees to national park, lunch, guide service and all transfers.

Overnight Tour

(Recommended 2 days, 1 night)

Day 1:  Drive to Chinggis Khan monument located at Chonjinboldog area. After a tour of the site we drive to Terelj National Park. Stop at Turtle rock and have a lunch. After lunch hiking to Aryabal monastery. Visit a nomad family for dinner and stay overnight in a ger near the family.

Day 2: After breakfast with the family you can do an hour horse riding and hiking, and sight seeing around the National Park. Return to Ulaanbaatar by car. Transfer to the guesthouse.


Included: Excursion as per itinerary, meals, family stay accommodation, entrance fees to monasteries and national park, guide service and all transfers.

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