Hustai National Park

The Hustai National Park protected area lies 100km southwest of Ulaanbaatar and was established in 1993 to preserve Mongolia’s wild takhi (przewalski’s) horses and the environment in which they live. The takhi horse is unique to Mongolia where it existed until the 1960s. It is believed these horses have direct genetic links to perhistoric horses. After the sad extinction of the takhi horses in the wild, these beautiful animals have been reintroduced from captivity and they have taken well to their new freedom. They are not particularly afraid of humans and the harems (one stallion and several mares) are known to come quite close if visitors are quiet and calm.

This trip is a once in a life time chance to see these prehistoric animals up close. With a guide from the National Park visitors are able to follow the takhi horses and see them living in their true habitat. If very lucky, you may catch a glimps of one of the very shy baby horses that stay close to their mothers. Visitors can also view the fantasitc rolling hills of the steppe and enjoy a peaceful walk or horse trek along the river. Guests can stay overnight in a snug Mongolian Ger (yurt) and enjoy a slower pace of life with a local family, helping them to fetch water, gather fuel for the fire and herd their animals. If you are here at the right time of year you many also be able to milk a horse and try some fermented milk, a local delicacy!

Available: May – October (winter tours are possible but will not follow this itinerary. Please contact us directly for details)

Day TripOvernight tour


Day Trip

08.00am Leave the guesthouse
10.00am Arrive at Hustai National Park Protected area, have national park orientation and learn about the takhi horse. Drive to “Pike” to see the wild horses in their natural habitat. Watch horses and walk in the area.
13.30pm Visit a nomadic family and have lunch. Learn how to make traditional handicrafts or help family with chores and the opportunity for one hour horse riding.
16.00pm Free time. Walk, fly a kite, swim in the river, relax.
17.00pm Transfer back to guesthouse

Package price in USD, per person:

  • 2 persons: 100 USD
  • 3-4 persons: 80 USD
  • 5-8 persons: 60 USD

Included: Excursion as per itinerary, entrance fees to national park, lunch, guide service and all transfers.

Overnight Tour

(Recommended 2 days, 1 night)

Day 1: Transfer to Hustai National Park Protected Area. Lunch with a nomad family in their ger camp. Drive to Hustai Pike to see the wild horses in their natural habitat. Return to the nomad family for dinner and stay overnight in a traditional Mongolian ger (yurt). Learn how to make traditional handicraft, help with chores, learn how to light a fire and cook tranditional food.

Day 2: After breakfast with the family you can do an hour horse riding. Go hiking, sight see around the National Park, fly a kite, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Transfer back to Ulaanbaatar and the guesthouse.

Package price in USD, per person:

  • 2 persons: 160 USD
  • 3-4 persons: 140 USD
  • 5-8 persons: 100 USD

Included: Excursion as per itinerary, meals, family stay accommodation, entrance fees to national park, guide service and all transfers.

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