Ger District Tour

Are you interested to see how the other half lives? Would you like a sneak preview into the lives of “real” Mongolian’s? We are offering a tour to one of the ger districts of Ulaanbaatar with a local guide.

Leave from the guesthouse with one of our guides who live in the ger district. If you chose you can take public transport to one of the suburbs of the city, or if you prefer we can provide a car. Our guide will show you some of the main features of the ger district where there is no running water, so families must collect their own water. Coal is used to cook and heat homes. You may be able to visit some of the local residents and be invited in for some Mongolian milk tea.

ger district

The ger districts are safe during the day, but we advise everyone to take the usual precautions. There are pick-pockets and opportunists all over the city, as in any country. Also, please be wary of dogs. In the ger districts dogs are strictly working animals used as guard dogs. Please do not approach any dog.

Package price in USD, per person:

  • 1-2 persons: 50 USD
  • 3 or more persons: 40 USD

Included: excursion as per itinerary, guide service with local resident and all transfers.

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  • Dietry requirements: Vegetarian / Vegan etc.
  • Additional sites you would like to see or visit:

Thank you! Safe travels!

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