City Tour

Leave guesthouse at 9:30 to arrive at Gandan monastery in time to see chanting ceremonies.

Gandan monastery

This monastery is Mongolia’s main religious center, with a 26m tall gold-plated statue of Avalokiteshvara (a bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas) in the main temple. Inside the statue are many items of Mongolian life including a whole ger (yurt).

National history museum

The museum shows Mongolia’s history from ancient times up to the present. The most popular exhibits are the monument of Kultigen, great leader of the Uigur Empire and beautiful traditional costumes of ethnic groups of Mongolia.

Sukhbaatar Square

This is the heart of Ulaanbaatar City with the Parliament Building and famous Chinggis Khan (Gengis Khan) statue dominating the square. The Mongolian Stock Exchange, Cultural Palace and National Opera house are also located here. The square was named after Sukhbaatar, the famous patriot, whose statue is its center feature.

Mongolian cuisine

Be treated to lunch in a traditional Mongolian restaurant. Typical Mongolian food is mutton soup, buuz (steamed dumplings) and khuushuur (fried dumplings).With an emphasis on meat dishes, the Mongolian diet is varied and very nutritious. Vegetarian options are available if you give advanced notice.

Buddha park

The park was built in 2006 and is located at the base of Zaisan Memorial. The 16m tall Sakyamuni Buddha can be seen from a great distance and stands in center of the park.

Zaisan memorial

This landmark, high above the city, offers the wonderful view of Ulaanbaatar and its surrounding landscape. Zaisan Memorial is a Soviet monument dedicated to WWII victims.

zaisan monument

You can change this itinerary to see the sights that you want to. Please just ask.

Package price in USD, per person:

  • 2 persons: 70 USD
  • 3-4 persons: 60 USD
  • 5-8 persons: 50 USD

Included: excursion as per itinerary, entrance and museum fees, lunch at Mongolian cafe, guide service and all transfers.

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